If you spend any time at all online – and you must do to be reading this – then you’ve probably watched a number of videos either showing something interesting, entertaining, educational or promotional. Videos are among the most effective forms of marketing, even when they don’t necessarily advertise a certain product or brand.

Visual content is highly effective in delivering messages to your audience and educating them on certain areas of your business that they may otherwise choose to ignore, skim or overlook. When you have a 30-second video to watch or a 2,000-word article to read through, the chances are that your audience will watch the video instead. This isn’t to say the article is useless – it has all kinds of other benefits – but visual content is just more effective with some people.

Videos can be used as promotional material, it can be purely for entertainment value. A lot of the most effective videos say very little about a brand or service and simply perform the role of boosting brand awareness through association. You may never shop in John Lewis, for example, but you’re well aware of the brand because of their fantastic Christmas advertising campaigns that don’t actually promote the must-have items this festive season.

Here at Vibe Marketing in West London we can work with you and your business to create high quality videos for promotional or advertising purposes both on and off your website. We can design, record and edit amazing videos that will enhance brand awareness and reputation to showcase the very best your brand has to offer.

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